A Complete Guide to Scalp Micropigmentation Hairlines

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) has become an increasingly popular hair loss solution for people of all ages and genders. Not only can it conceal thinning hair, but it can also rejuvenate a receding hairline and give you a sharp, clean-looking appearance. While some people prefer having a statement look with their SMP treatment, the vast majority aim to achieve a high degree of realism. This is especially true if you want your hairline to blend in and look as convincing as possible.

There are plenty of factors that affect the outcome of an SMP treatment such as the shape and position of your frontal hairline. If you’re looking into scalp micropigmentation as a viable solution for your hairline woes, then you came to the right place. This guide will cover everything you need to know about scalp micropigmentation hairlines and how you can achieve the perfect hairline with this treatment.

Scalp Micropigmentation Hairlines

The position of your hairline

Let’s start with the position of your hairline. So many people get this wrong when undergoing scalp micropigmentation because instead of following their natural hairline, they opt for an ultra-low hairline that looks unrealistic and out of place. When you extend your hairline a couple of centimeters above your natural hairline, it fails to blend in with the rest of your hair.

While most experienced SMP technicians can work around this issue, the ideal recommendation is to start with the position of your original hairline before it began receding. It helps to look at your older photos to determine the correct positioning of your newfound hairline. There are exceptions to this, namely clients who are in their late 40’s who may want to have an age-appropriate look that factors in widow’s peaks and slightly higher hairline positioning.

The shape of your hairline

Another factor worth considering is the shape of your hairline. This will have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your hair so make sure the shape compliments your face and your surrounding.. The great thing about scalp micropigmentation is that you can tweak your hairline to look exactly the way you want,but be careful not to go too overboard or else it may start to look a bit unnatural.

For example, a straight hairline can be spotted a mile away. While it does carry that Jamie Foxx appeal, it’s not for everyone. What you should be going for is a more well-rounded hairline that works with the shape of your head. Your SMP technician can help you with some recommendations on how you can set up your hairline in a way that looks sharp, defined, and realistic-looking.

The style of your hairline

If you managed to nail the first two criteria, then you’re on your way to obtaining a fresh new hairstyle that you can rock with full confidence. Scalp micropigmentation hairlines come in many different styles and choosing the right one may seem daunting at first. Luckily, we’re here to help and we’ll break down some of the most common hairline styles to help you make the right choice.

1. Broken or jagged hairline
A broken/jagged hairline is where the pigments are scattered below the actual hairline to mimic the appearance of real hair. This style of hairline is popular because very few people have a defined hairline unless a barber shapes it in that fashion. If you want to recreate the most natural-looking hairline possible, then a broken/jagged hairline style is what you should go for.

2. Lightweight hairline
As the name suggests, a lightweight hairline is a more subtle or ‘faded’ looking hairline which is done by using light-coloured pigments.This removes any lines or boundaries to achieve a level of realism that resembles a closely shaven head. Lightweight hairlines generally look better on people with lighter skin tones since they appear more noticeable than those with darker skin. Still, a skilled technician can pull off a lightweight hairline for fair-skinned people by diluting the pigment that best matches their skin colour.

3. Edged-up hairline
Also known as a ‘hard line’, this style of hairline creates sharp lines that are very popular towards the youth.. It involves no deviations from the standard hairline position and the hairline is done in a smooth, clean fashion rather than trying to break them up into smaller pieces. While edged-up hairlines create that ultra-clean look, it’s not for everyone. They veer more into aesthetics than realism which can prove difficult for some people to pull off. Also, this type of hairline may suit clients with darker skin since the hard lines appear more natural than those with lighter skin tones.

Getting the exact hairline you want

The best way to achieve the exact look you’re looking for is to have a handy reference for your SMP technician to base your treatment on. Communicate with your technician about the positioning, style, and shape of your hairline so they can map it out prior to your treatment. Lastly, make sure to go to a reputable scalp micropigmentation clinic that employs skilled technicians. Creating a realistic-looking hairline takes a lot of work and considering it’s a semi-permanent solution, you want to entrust your SMP treatment to experienced professionals.