How much does it cost?

The three biggest questions that I get asked here at Luxe Micro are: “Does it Hurt?” “Will people be able to tell its a scalp tattoo?” and… “How much does Scalp Micropigmentation cost?”

The costs of the procedure has gone down considerably since it was initially introduced. Many clinics who performed the procedure well charged in the region of $5000. Not only those initial costs have gone down since then but the standards of the Technicians have risen quite considerably allowing smaller businesses like mine with nowhere near the same overheads to offer much better prices to all Australians.

Personally, I generally charge between $999 – $2999. And offer 0% interest free financing using ZIP money which you can find out more about under ‘FINANCE’ section on the main page.

In deciding the final quote for my client, I am looking at 4 main factors:

Amount of area that needs to be covered.
Amount of hair remaining and density of existing hair.
Amount of blending required into client’s existing hair.
Are there any scars to cover from surgery.
The work that I do is very precise and every client’s scalp is different. To get an accurate quote for each client, I will measure of the circumference of the head and another measurement to the back of the head where the blending will start and finish.Inormally charge per square inch, so by calculating the surface area I can give clients quote that is both fair and individual to each person’s situation.

Cost is important, we all want to save any money we can and who doesn’t love a bargain? But if possible, please try not to make the cost your primary aim of this treatment. This doesn’t mean that the more you pay the better more superior treatment you will receive as that won’t always be the case.

Make the result your primary goal. Yes we all want to save money, but the opposite will happen if you will only go by the price. This is a one-off investment! You can easily find new techs desperate for clients that will do their own version of this for few hundred dollars.

Most of my clients these days are referrals from previous clients or by simply clients doing their research about me and my work. I can offer highest level of treatment while at the same time – not trying to squeeze every last dollar out of them. You can check out some of the review by visiting our main page and clicking on Review section.

If you have any questions, feel free to use our contact form, facebook messenger or by emailing me directly.

I am happy to help anybody with free honest advice. For more information about our service, visit

All the best and I’m looking forward working with you in the near future.


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