So how do you stop the hairloss?

Worried about your hair loss? There is no need anymore. I’ve been there also just over 3 years ago. It took me agonizing years watching my hair and my follicles slowly begin to disappear and reveal my scalp. It didn’t matter i wore a cap, what car I drove or anything else. The hair loss was there and it overruled everything.

I’m being a bit dramatic perhaps but what I’m trying to say here is I know how helpless and frustrated it feels when you’re losing your hair. Now that I’ve had SMP done myself and i’ve lived with it, I honestly can’t think of any factors that would prevent somebody with hair loss issues from going through with it themselves.

I am aware that alot of people genuinely do not care about hair loss, but these people are few and far between. For the majority of men and women suffering with thinning hair, it is a big concern and there is a solution Scalp Micropigmentation also know as hair tattoo.

Let’s face it,we’re starting to wise up to the fact that hair transplants without harmful medication success is very very rare. Around 30% of my clients this year have been through the hair transplant process only to be left disappointed, thousands of dollars lighter and, guess what, still bald!

So honestly, take it from me. I know it might sound too good to be true but there really is no need to worry about your hair loss anymore! Get yourself booked in for free SMP consultation.

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