Many Luxe Micro clients come to us looking for treatments for various types of alopecia. Traditional alopecia treatments have poor success rates, leaving those suffering with the condition, with a limited range of options at their disposal. For a significant number of these men and women, scalp micropigmentation proves to be the ideal solution to their problem.

Scalp micropigmentation does not cure alopecia, however SMP can conceal hair loss relating to the condition. Most variations including alopecia areata, totalis, universalis and traction alopecia can be hidden using advanced scalp micropigmentation techniques available at Luxe Micro.

The exact nature of your procedure depends on your individual circumstances. No client with alopecia is the same from a treatment point of view, so our process is custom tailored to your specific requirements. The first step is to contact our team and provide photographs so we can assess your needs. Alternatively, we can arrange a free consultation at our office, or via Skype.


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