Scalp Micropigmentation

For Women

Women experience hair loss for a number of reasons. One of the most common causes is alopecia, however various hormonal inbalances are often responsible too. Childbirth, medication, menopause and stress can all cause the hair to thin, and when it becomes noticeable, this loss of hair can be very distressing.

The scalp micropigmentation process is very effective at treating thinning hair in women, whatever the underlying cause. By reducing the contrast between the color of the hair and scalp beneath, the hair appears thicker and fuller and thinning areas are almost totally disguised. Scalp micropigmentation is suitable for women with medium to dark hair, but cannot be used to thicken blonde, red or light grey hair.

The needs of each client are significantly different, and treatment is therefore tailored to suit your individual requirements and preferences. The extent of camouflage depends on a number of factors including where the hair loss is being experienced, and to what extent. The first step is to contact our team and provide photographs so we can assess your needs. Alternatively, we can arrange a free consultation at our office, or via Skype.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Females

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