Marcin, Luxe Micro’s Leading Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

Welcome to Luxe Micro Scalp Micropigmentation clinic based in Melbourne, Australia owned and operated by leading technician Marcin.

My real hair loss journey begun a number of years ago when i was in my mid 20’s while studying Bachelor of Business Admin degree in Melbourne. It is then i began to experience my first hair loss, i was unable to spike up my hair, and my sides became progressively worse as time went on. I was clearly suffering from early Male Pattern Baldness and didn’t understand why, my father in his 50’s at that time still had a full head of hair. I felt like i was robbed of my youthful years.

By the time i approached my 30’s i started to shave my hair off to try and make me look more my age and i wore caps to cover up. This is when i decided i needed to do something about it. Hair systems were not really an option for me and hair transplants were too expensive, painful and not always guaranteed to last. I came across Scalp Micropigmentation on a youtube video and i knew from this moment it was something i needed to get done so I could forget about my baldness. Lets face it, we don’t want to be thinking about our hair all the time. Once i found a provider and decided on getting it done it was then i realised it was a immediate life changing experience. Boom!! In a few hours i had SMP done, and i was blown away at how much confidence it gave me and how great it made me feel. This was it! I knew at this point I had to get into SMP to give others the confidence that I now have. So shortly after i had it done i begun my research for training, and ended up travelling interstate to train with one of the Australia’s leading clinics one on one to gain the much needed experience to become successful in this ever growing industry. From then on i have received immeasurable gratitude and positive results from doing what i love and helping many clients in not only restoring their look of fuller hair but also their confidence. So what are you waiting for? Contact us for free consultation as you are only 1 email away from changing your life.

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